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Azure Migrate, Cloudamize, PowerShell, SSMA, DMS, Azure Active Directory, VPN Gateways, Firewall, ACM, Load Balancers, Blueprints, CAF/WAF, Attunity, ARM​

Business Problem: E&Y’s Datacenter lease was expiring as well as their current infrastructure was aging. This made them vulnerable to competition as digital transformations lagged across the company and they could not rapidly respond to customer demands. ​

Business Problem

Adopting a Cloud First Strategy was key for E&Y’s success to reduce IT costs, increase business agility, consolidate datacenters and accelerate growth through secure digital transformation processes.


E&Y leveraged Zensa’s migration factory model, an end-to-end datacenter migration and modernization service offering that leverage automation and other advanced capabilities to successfully migrate 70 workloads across 500 VMs/Compute Instances.  Zensa worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to define a migration strategy, provide a comprehensive migration plan with ROI/TCO data to enable E&Y to make the right decisions. As a result, E&Y was able to successfully migrate all their on-premises workloads from their datacenter to Azure. Zensa, in addition to successfully helping customer migrate to Azure, also provided significant training and upskilling services to ensure E&Y were fully prepared to continue their digital transformation journey.