About the Client

A brand performance company approached Zensa for the implementation of cloud technology as a quick disaster recovery solution. They were responsible for adding expert value at every brand performance stage from research, to product development and marketing.

Our Results

We implemented Azure Site Recovery Solution to assist them in a rapid recovery from disasters such as earthquakes, floods, power shortages etc. Our Azure Cloud solution also guaranteed reduced downtime and monetary loss in addition to ease of Usability, cost-friendliness and support for several other functions.

What was the Business need?

The disaster recovery site is important for small and medium businesses for smooth business workflow and continuity. Traditional DR site requires setting up a secondary data center. Due to the additional cost, this option is not feasible for most SMEs.

The client required a reliable and cost friendly solution for a disaster recovery site to ensure data safety in case of an emergency.

Azure Cloud Technology Solution

Zensa being an official partner learned about the IT Infrastructure of the client to offer a DR Site using Azure Cloud Site Recovery Service.

This helped us encode the data and plan the IT Infrastructure in a Virtual network.  In case of any Disaster situation in the physical IT infrastructure, the workload would shift to the Azure environment. Once the normal situation would resume, the Azure Site Recovery would shift back to the actual physical IT system.

Zensa offered Azure Site Recovery solutions at the most cost-effective rates. SMEs could start small and scale gradually when needed. There is a one-time cost for storage and replication. Azure also included all the required setup which nullified the need to buy any extra hardware or software. Even after the second DR site was launched, it would become functional only in case of a disaster situation.