Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft’s Azure and Power Platform (Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Automate, Storage, DevOps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Registry, API Management, App Services​

Business Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the digital divide that was already present in the small business market, and it is forcing SMB companies to accelerate their digitalization. While digitization of SMB’s  is inevitable it’s also fragmented and disjoint. SMBs need digital solutions that simple, easy, one-stop and integrated that will save time and money.

Solution, One Platform  (B2B2C) for small businesses to identify, enable, acquire and retain customers thus helping SMBs reimagine, transform and accelerate digitization. SMB digital transformation is a $70B market opportunity for technology solution providers.


Targeted towards Growing, 10-25 person businesses (30M SMBs) that provide professional services and are typically owned by1-2 business leaders are using our low-code, no-code SaaS based, Azure-based platform called Prospur for generating sales, building social media reputation, performing lead generation activities and campaigns, while getting paid on-time, saving operations cost and predicting cash flow. SMBs are also getting an integrated technology experience enabling them to save time with managing multiple tools and software products to run their day-to-day business. SMBs can now focus on customer experience and leave the mundane task automation and tracking to Prospur. ​