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Accessibility is quickly becoming a necessary rather than an optional feature for the web content. Web sites, web applications, as well as native apps designed with accessibility in mind allow people with disabilities perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with and contribute to the web.

Zensa has a strong network of qualified providers, developers, and designers to bring holistic end-to-end solutions to support creation, deployment, and maintenance of accessible products and services. Our comprehensive consulting and engineering services will cover all your accessibility needs from audit and compliance testing to training, education, and staffing.

Accessibility Testing And Evaluation

A perfect solution when you need to find out how accessible your web content is. We offer two options.

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  • Accessibility Gap Review – provides a quick and high level assessment of existing challenging areas and a suggested suite of services to remediate the gaps.
  • Full Service Regulatory Compliance Audit – provides a comprehensive accessibility analysis of your web content, including evaluation against ADA, WCAG, CVAA and Section 508, as well as AODA (Canada), and Mandate 376 (EU).

Accessibility Remediation

Zensa’s team of accessibility software engineers and developers will remediate existing accessibility issues and provide solutions to ensure your web sites and mobile apps are fully compliant with the recognized standards.

Corporate Accessibility Education, Training And Staffing Services

Zensa’s experts will provide custom designed solutions to meet your company’s training, education, and staffing needs. We will help identify your learning objectives and then develop a training plan to achieve them, conduct employees needs assessment and work site evaluations, and assist in recruiting, orientation and onboarding services.

Usability Testing

We understand the importance of being complaint with Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and other standards. However just being compliant doesn’t always or immediately translate into being usable. We can provide you with an opportunity to understand how user-friendly your web site or mobile applications actually are. We have partnered with the BVI resources who will interact and experience your web content first-hand to provide you with the most relevant and valuable feedback! You will also receive our experts’ recommendations on how to optimize your user experience.