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Zensa’s team of engineers is helping different clients in designing, developing and testing their mixed reality hardware solutions with extensive experience and partnering with to deliver exceptional products.

Zensa is also designing and developing different software applications for Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Mixed reality devices across industries like healthcare, defense, manufacturing, education, engineering & construction etc.

Zensa’s data driven AR, VR and Mixed reality software solutions

Zensa leverage immersive technologies to present content in an engaging way and design various AR, VR and mixed reality hardware supporting applications for industry leading brands looking to fine-tune distributed systems’ performance across industries.

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Zensa’s data driven AR, VR and Mixed reality software solutions

Cloud Mixed Reality Services

Image Processing and Capturing

Mixed Reality Application Development

Holographic Placements

Ground Truthing

Synthetic Creative Work

Code flow, Build, and Infra Support

DevOps in Mixed Reality

AR, VR and Mixed Devices Engineering

Zensa’s hardware engineering team is helping industry leading AR, VR and MR device manufacturers in designing, developing and testing their devices to deliver a highly engaging and differentiated mixed reality experience.

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Zensa’s industry leading AR, VR and Mixed Reality hardware engineering solutions

Image, Camera Calibration and Testing

Thermal Testing of Devices

Optical Designing

Prototyping and Testing of Devices

Battery Management

Firmware Development and Testing

Driver Development and Testing

Maintenance of Devices

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