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Data Holds Enormous Value. Your Data Can Transform Your Company

Your data is the key to real insight and growth.

We know data powers an organization. Partner with Zensa to turn that knowledge into value-driven insight to transform and propel your strategic leadership multi cloud data analytics and data services and solutions.



of enterprise analysts will use enhanced decision intelligence and modeling by 2023.


of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI by 2024.


of data and analytics innovation will rely on public cloud services by 2022.

Leverage Your Data With Iot & Data Analytics Services

Empower better decisions and enable more accurate models.

Get accurate and real-time pictures of your organization to enable and empower better decision-making. Clarify insights, guide strategy and identify opportunities now and for the future.

Unlock your potential for growth, innovation and transformation with IoT and data analytics powered across multiple cloud environments.

Boost Decisiveness

Real-time insights, decision modeling and intelligence based on YOUR DATA to make smarter and more efficient decisions with higher returns.

Get Real-Time Visibility

Track, measure and prepare reports on critical KPIs— and improve them — with multi-cloud analytics services.

Transform Seamlessly

Leverage multi-cloud data analytics services and solutions to create new revenue streams, monetization options, and transform business models for the future.

Discover Your Data With Zensa.

Create actionable, impactful immediate wins and enable long-term strategic goals to help you make the right decisions now and in the future.


Azure SQL Database

Get scalable backup and availability with Azure SQL Database services.

Azure Databricks

Unify your analytics and AI workloads with secure storage of all your data in a simple, open lake house format.

Azure Data Factory

Use Azure Data Factory to integrate your data with a fully-managed, server less data integration service.

Azure Purview

Utilize a unified data governance service to manage and govern your on-prem, multicloud and SaaS data with Azure Purview.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Serve immediate BI needs and use server less or dedicated resources – at scale – to digest and serve data.

Azure Machine Learning Services

Use Azure Machine Learning Services to automate tasks and boost productivity across functions.

Azure AI

Build your own customized AI solutions through Azure AI, a comprehensive portfolio of services to empower developers and data scientists.

Power Bi

Get real-time data analytics and reporting to power intelligence and propel innovation.

Gain Value-Driven Insights and Actions With Data Analytics Services

Map insights and move fast.

Big data helps you make better decisions faster. Leverage integrated, contextualized data to empower you to predict what’s coming next, so you have a plan to maximize your potential.

Vonigo Saves 38% In Energy Costs With Zensa Implemented Smart Iot Solution

Adopting a smart building IoT solution, implemented by Zensa, CSU was able to save 38% in energy costs while significantly improving the efficiencies of their facilities.


“By adopting Zensa’s implemented smart IoT solution, we were able to reduce the carbon emissions & also the overall energy cost. ”

- Lisa R

Explore Zensa Suite of Services

Your next best partner to power your goals.

Cloud Enablement

Build a secure foundation for your applications and data with multi-cloud environments and services. Leverage Zensa’s best practices to instill repeatable, stable, and scalable architectures to meet your needs now – and in the future.

Devops and Automation

Transform people and processes with our team of DevOps and DevSecOps experts. Get products and services to market faster and improve your delivery lifecycle’s security, quality, reliability and scalability.

Cloud Native App Development and Modernization

Build new applications with a cloud-first approach to jump ahead of your competition or modernize your existing application’s capabilities to take advantage of cloud’s security, scalability and stability.

IoT, DATA and Analytics

Drive innovation and customer experience through superior decision-making powered by your own data to leverage insight and drive enhancements across your organization using a modern data platform powered by analytics.

Managed Services

Zensa’s managed services can help you secure, optimize and govern your workloads by delivering a tightly integrated set of services with multiple tiers that fits your business.

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Transform. Transition. Take on the future.

Access your data and unlock your potential now.