Reformulate the Manufacturing industry with Zensa

COVID-19 has enhanced the uncertainty, challenges and scalability of manufacturing industry. According to Accenture expert research, 94% of the Fortune 1000 companies faced supply chain issues due to COVID-19, and 75% of companies experienced a loss in overall performance.

Zensa advanced solutions can help the manufacturing industry quickly adapt to transformation, technological and cultural changes in the future. Our in-depth industry knowledge and execution help us work with the leading technology giants to provide unique selling points for your business.

Globally Renowned Expertise

Zensa is an official partner of Microsoft technologies. We help manufacturing companies with complex challenges through 4.0 solutions. A few highlights of our global expertise include:

  • Specialization in Manufacturing trends and thought leadership.
  • Our network of digital innovative solutions spans the globe.
  • Market leaders 365 Microsoft technology solution implementations.
  • Proud partner of the Microsoft Alliance.

Restructure Your manufacturing infrastructure with Zensa Business Strategies

Zensa helps the manufacturers to survive and thrive regardless of constantly changing challenges. We help you restart your business strategy and corporate culture through the following:

Focus On Workforce

Zensa helps you ensure a safe workplace with both remote and fully-functional work capabilities and ensure the security of business continuity systems.

Adapt With Technology

Technology is an essential component of your business strategy to combat challenges with supply chains and competitive resources. Zensa helps you implement the right solutions to provide for a fast, agile, personalized engagement with clients and partners. We help increase the supply chain resiliency and localize it to deliver faster more efficient results.

Sustainable & Reduced Negative Effects

Zensa helps source eco-friendly and sustainable products and services for the manufacturing industry to compete with changing markets.

Reconsidering the Future of Manufacturing

Rethinking the manufacturing future is not simple, but Zensa makes it possible by focusing on five priority areas:

  • Cost Evaluation and optimization
  • Upscaling workforce by integrating cloud technologies
  • Scalable and resilient models for business operations
  • Agile digital Solutions for customer support
  • Solutions that anticipate how the products and services in use should evolve for the future use.

Client’s Success story – How Zensa helped our Manufacturing Clients through digital business transformations

Zensa has helped several the manufacturing industry clients transform their customer experience through a complete digital strategy revamps and solutions to help you engage better with customers and  offer more personalized services across digital channels.

Our digital marketing team focuses on an omnichannel customer strategy. We combine our digital marketing solutions with human-centered designs to further support and engage company users. Our strategic approach combined with end-to-end digital delivery helps our manufacturing clients stand out among our competitors.

Delivering solutions empowered with Azure cloud services

We are proud partners of Microsoft Azure cloud services, a renowned name in private and public cloud technology. It offers access to more than 200 preconfigured services with the flexibility of choosing the technologies you have and the ones you want. It offers complete IaaS and PaaS capabilities through technologies such as AI, machine learning, DevOps, analytics, Internet of things, and security.

Advantages of Using Our Azure Service

Zensa is Microsoft’s global partner for Azure cloud services. Our engineers integrate and govern Microsoft cloud solutions securely across your entire network including all devices to help you transform and modernize your applications.

Unparalleled Expertise

We have the highest number of certified professionals implementing Microsoft Azure digital solutions on the market.

Scalable and Flexible

Our data and analytics solutions are scalable and can be customized to meet your changing business requirements.

Agile and DevOps Skills

We help you achieve your results quickly and efficiently through a fast cloud iteration.

Delivering the right cloud technology

We have equal expertise in private, public, or hybrid cloud technology. This helps us offer the right solution for your business.

Contact Zensa to digitize your manufacturing processes to drive efficiency.