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See your app come to life. Our cloud app developers and agile practitioners are experts in Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP and other cloud technologies to help you modernize your existing apps or create something entirely new.


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executives say their organizations need to rapidly transform to keep up with the competition, including modernizing applications on the mainframe. IBV & Oxford University Survey.


of CIOs believe their organization is already falling behind competitors because of the pace of changing processes. Logicalis Survey 2022.


of CIOs moderately or strongly agreed that they are prioritizing app modernization. Forrester Consulting, 2020.

App Development & Modernization are the Keys to Seamless C/X and U/X

You deserve a new start.

A survey of CIOs found 60-80% of their team and resources were spent updating, patching and maintaining old systems. Quit spending endless resources and let our skilled team handle everything so you can get back to strategy.

Scalable and Adaptable App Development

Move quickly and respond to changing landscapes and customers with a nimble and agile new app.

Improve User & Customer Experience

Focus on an intuitive and engaging customer experience to drive growth and your brand value.

Control Costs

Build cost efficiency measures, reporting, and tracking into everything you do to stay on top of costs with full transparency and visibility.

Power Your Existing or New App with Zensa’s App Development Capabilities.

Zensa utilizes best practices and advanced tools and technologies to help you modernize and transform. Get more from your app development partner.


Use containers to ease your software development and ensure its reliability during migrations.

Serverless Functions

Solve complex orchestration challenges and maximize development efficiency with serverless functions.


Build scalable, always-on applications – and simplify your application lifecycle management through microservices.

Message Queues

Increase your architecture’s resiliency by connecting your hybrid applications to your enterprise systems with message queues.

Azure Webapps

Spend less to make your organization more reliable and more secure.

Azure Devops

Improve reliability, adaptability and maintenance throughout your app development lifecycle with enterprise-level tools and technologies.

API Management

Simplified management for publishing APIs in Azure. Integrate, cloud, on-prem and third-party applications.

Power Apps

Low-code apps to empower your customers, modernize your business and increase your overall fitness.

Unlock Growth Potential with Cloud Native App Development

Drive innovation and agility while reducing cost.

With customized options for every business, you can maximize your value and increase customer experience – while simultaneously minimizing disruptions and cost.

With options to rehost, refactor or rearchitect your new app development project, Zensa is your next best partner. App modernizations not only reduce legacy drag on your team, but, it also serves to drive innovation across functions, instantly elevate your customer’s experience to changing expectations, and unlock your company’s overall potential.

Smb Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Zensa’s Power Apps Platform, Prospur

Zensa’s low-code, no-code, Azure-based SaaS platform, One Platform (B2B2C) for small businesses to identify, enable, acquire and retain customers thus helping SMBs reimagine, transform and accelerate digitization. ​


Cloud-Native App Development

Transform. Transition. Take on the future.

Zensa is your next best partner to reach your business goals. We align with forward-thinking companies to bring the next-level of their business into reality.

Get your new app to market quickly – and reduce costs, improve U/X, increase scalability and drive your organization’s value through the roof.

“Microsoft is pleased to announce that Prospur and their Digital Customer Management Platform have joined the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem to help small business customers in these challenging times”

- Steven Guggenheimer Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Corp

Explore Zensa App Development Suite of Services

Your next best partner to power your goals.

Cloud Enablement

Build a secure foundation for your applications and data with multi-cloud environments and services. Leverage Zensa’s best practices to instill repeatable, stable, and scalable architectures to meet your needs now – and in the future.

Devops and Automation

Transform people and processes with our team of DevOps and DevSecOps experts. Get products and services to market faster and improve your delivery lifecycle’s security, quality, reliability and scalability.

Cloud Native App Development and Modernization

Build new applications with a cloud-first approach to jump ahead of your competition or modernize your existing application’s capabilities to take advantage of cloud’s security, scalability and stability.

IoT, DATA and Analytics

Drive innovation and customer experience through superior decision-making powered by your own data to leverage insight and drive enhancements across your organization using a modern data platform powered by analytics.

Managed Services

Zensa’s managed services can help you secure, optimize and govern your workloads by delivering a tightly integrated set of services with multiple tiers that fits your business.

Explore Thought Leadership Related to Azure and AWS Managed Services

Gain access to expert advice and insights related to all things Azure, AWS, GCP and others.


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Transform. Transition. Take on the future.

Unlock your growth potential today.