Some Of Our Clients

Zensa’s team of developers have a passion for designing and developing hardware engineering products with extensive experience delivering exceptional products across technological domains.

Our team has worked with industry leaders to program components for consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial automations, semiconductors, and multiple others. Contact Zensa to learn more about how we can help you achieve your hardware engineering goals.

Embedded Software & Firmware Development

Zensa delivers embedded software and firmware development services for stand-alone, machine-to-machine and communication systems for a broad set of applications.

Our team is highly proficient in redesigning and debugging projects to evaluate performance based on memory, time, latency and power of your existing firmware – all to build projects faster, more efficient and achieve optimal performance for you and your company.

As a proud embedded software development organization, our team designs, code, and tests software and systems for embedded systems. The range of applications includes GUI, boat loader, end-user software.

We deliver embedded software and firmware development services including firmware, middleware, embedded applications, device drivers and complicated embedded software solutions for middle-market to enterprise-level global companies.

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Board Support Packages (BSP)

Zensa offers hundreds of BSPs that are compatible with all architectures as well as custom BSP development customized to your company. Our library is constantly updating with new BSPs to support new architecture and product releases.

A few highlights of our BSP include:

  • Bootloader, adaptation and extension of BSP
  • Kernel porting, configuration, and optimization for quicker boot and better memory foot-prints
  • Dynamic UI screen refresh

Multimedia and Connectivity

We develop ready-to-market embedded multimedia and connectivity hardware by focusing on a conceptual design first, to fulfill requirements, and then fully optimizing it for stability and reliability. Hardware includes:

  • Driver development, graphics, camera and video
  • Component development and porting like USB, Wifi, sensors, etc.

System Integration and Validation

Zensa offers complete guidance on integration and validation for your system’s functional performance spanning:

  • Complete product cycle with end-to-end testing
  • Machine-to-machine and middleware testing
  • Standard performance and certification testing

Legacy Firmware Migration

You can trust Zensa to update your legacy platform firmware to the newest release and ensure a quicker, more optimal performance.

IoT Development

From firmware to applications and services for remote device control and management, Zensa covers all of your IoT development needs. Our service extends from planning to connectivity and app consultation.

Solutions for Multiple Architectures and Platforms

Zensa multi-architecture solutions enable you to design and build infrastructure and apps according to your business’s unique needs without sacrificing performance and utility. You can align products across supported architectures:

Cross-Platform Development

Zensa offers Cross-Platform development for different software products across multiple platforms. Our engineers are experts in developing multiple OS and environments for one product.

Network Protocols

We ensure smooth and secure network availability for all of your network devices in an IP network, giving you complete control and access over your network devices.

Manual and Automated Testing

Zensa is routinely recognized and rated as one of the industry’s best manual and automated test companies across IT companies with our team ranking consistently at the top for selenium testing services globally.

Cross-Architecture Migration

Zensa experts deliver a seamless cross-architecture migration from RTOS to embedded Linux environment.

Electronics Hardware Design

Zensa developes advanced embedded control systems for different industries such as power efficient systems for wearables, medical devices, home automation and surveillance solutions.

Industrial Design

Zensa delivers swiftly designed products that are simple, agile and productive. We contextualize a product according to the industry to produce solutions that empower businesses and end-users.