Microsoft Technologies

Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines,  ASR, Azure Boards, GitHub, ACR, Blueprints, CAF/WAF, ARM​, IaaS GitOps, Chef Automate.

Business Problem

Vonigo’s Field Services Mgmt SaaS platform, though effective was severely hampered due to lack of agility, automation and availability.


Adopting an end-to-end Azure DevOps based CI/CD pipelines and agile development and delivery strategies combined with increased automation and the right BCDR solution was key to respond to rapidly changing business needs.


Vonigo worked collaboratively with Zensa to build and implement a comprehensive DevOps strategy that decreased their ideation to feature release times by 200%. Zensa’s DevOps services team applied Azure DevOps processes and methods to deploy a fully automated CI/CD pipeline that enabled Vonigo’s dev/test teams to fully automate  their development, testing and release cycles. Additionally working with Vonigo’s release management teams and leveraging IaC methodologies for rapid deployments, Vonigo saw a decrease in cloud deployment time to 3 hours and an 120% increase in productivity. Combined with Azure Site Recovery and BCDR solution implemented to meet Vonigo’s RPO/RTO requirements, Zensa was able to help Vonigo achieve complete automation of their infrastructure, backup and recovery solutions by implementing Infrastructure as Code using GitOps techniques. Improved system resiliency, increased availability made it possible for Vonigo to handle any kind of deployments or recovery scenarios during business hours!