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Cloud Enablement

Build a secure foundation for your applications and data with multi-cloud environments and services. Leverage Zensa’s best practices to instill repeatable, stable, and scalable architectures to meet your needs now – and in the future.

Devops and Automation

Transform people and processes with our team of DevOps and DevSecOps experts. Get products and services to market faster and improve your delivery lifecycle’s security, quality, reliability and scalability.

Cloud Native App Development and Modernization

Build new applications with a cloud-first approach to jump ahead of your competition or modernize your existing application’s capabilities to take advantage of cloud’s security, scalability and stability.

IoT, DATA and Analytics

Drive innovation and customer experience through superior decision-making powered by your own data to leverage insight and drive enhancements across your organization using a modern data platform powered by analytics.

Managed Services

Zensa’s managed services can help you secure, optimize and govern your workloads by delivering a tightly integrated set of services with multiple tiers that fits your business.

Multi-cloud Services Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Constant updates. New tools. Continuous innovation.

Leave the never-ending daily updates, new features, and patches to our team.

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Get your team back to work on the strategic planning and we’ll seamlessly handle all your maintenance and support needs – giving you the right tools, at the right time, to align your objectives and your evolving cloud practices.



Are looking for ways to optimize their existing use of the cloud for cost-savings.


For the 6th year in a row, Flexera respondents said optimizing existing cloud use is their top initiative going forward. State of the Cloud Report, 2022.


Are migrating more workloads to the cloud and 42% are moving from on-PREM to SaaS.

Boost Your Team’s Performance

Don’t weigh them down with daily updates and insights.

We have the right people, processes and systems to make sure your team never misses anything again. Our team of industry experts will work seamlessly with you as your management partner to provide constant support and invaluable insight.


24/7 Support 365 Days/Year

24/7/365 support with escalation to Microsoft Premier helps you manage your cloud deployments efficiently and securely.

Save with Cloud

We’ll guide you to your optimal cloud environment with real-time alerts, on-demand reporting, and detailed configuration reports as your cloud management portal.

Propel Innovation

Do more than deploy – propel innovation with quarterly advisory briefings, expert guidance from tech leaders and PaaS management.

Your Cloud Spend Could Be Costing You

Fully optimize your cloud spend with a true partner and cloud company.

Increased cloud spend over the last few years has moved cloud governance to the forefront of everyone’s minds. With a return to hybrid workforces, the need for a strong cloud is still growing more than ever – but companies are looking for more cost-effective solutions from their cloud company.

Reign in cloud overspending with monthly spend reporting and a weekly cadence of spend optimizations and recommendations to help you optimize and automate – without the weighed down costs and resources.

Reduced Downtime for Business Continuity and a Quick Disaster Recovery Program

In case of any Disaster situation in the physical IT infrastructure, the workload would shift to the Azure environment. Once the normal situation would resume, the Azure Site Recovery would shift back to the actual physical IT system.


Take Control of Costs with Azure Cost Management.

Our Azure Economic Assessment will guide you through every step of your cloud transformation journey. Get access to the expert playbook on Azure cloud services, Azure cloud computing, Azure migrate, and Azure cloud computing to know exactly how our cloud services can move your organization forward.


Modernize for the Future

Transform. Transition. Take on the future.

Zensa is your next best partner to reach your business goals. We align with forward-thinking companies to bring the next-level of their business into reality.

We identify cost efficiencies, provide optimization insights, and incorporate new Azure services to enable, transform and propel your organization into the future.

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“Choosing Microsoft Solution through Zensa provides Lumenis cost reduction and gives our sales representatives better results”

Amir Belferman (Cio) Lumenis

Diversity & Inclusion at Zensa

Zensa believes in the importance of diversity for innovation and progress. As a woman-founded business, D&I is at the core of the company’s foundation and culture. The company strives to create an inclusive environment for all employees, valuing differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, and abilities. Zensa has a 4.5 rating for D&I on Glassdoor.

Zensa is committed to promoting equal opportunities and continuously improving its efforts towards diversity and inclusiveness. Zensa invites employees, partners, and customers to contribute to the journey of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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