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Zensa aims at facilitating businesses growth with digital marketing channels. Our conversion-focused digital marketing campaigns are designed to improve our client’s marketing intelligence. Hence providing them a competitive edge over their competitors. Our approach makes us stand out from other digital marketing companies.

Dedicated to understand client’s digital marketing ROI like never seen before. Who we are

Zensa is a full-service digital marketing company dedicated to assisting businesses to connect with their ideal customers. Our specializations are online advertising, social media management, SEO, and branding.

Advertising Campaigns

Our team designs online advertising campaigns aimed at maximizing clients return on investments. We have a special focus on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google Ads.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our laser-focused social media marketing strategies are customized towards the relevant audiences. We help businesses inspire confidence in their decision-making process. We help brands build a strong online presence on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


We are on a mission to help our clients build brands that inspire confidence in their audience. It usually takes consumers less than 30 seconds to decide to engage or disengage with your business. We help you make a stronger impact on your clients faster.

Creativity at its peak

We understand that sizzling headlines and pretty pictures are not enough to retain customer’s attention. We deliver engaging content for our clients that is purpose-built and performance-built to attract and engage with the right brand audience. Content that supports your brand at every touchpoint.

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Our plan

We work with our clients to create a custom digital marketing plan for them./


Determine Goals

We assist client businesses is establishing achievable goals.


Our team of analytics experts will deliver insights to measure the client’s progress.

Data-Driven campaign optimizations

Zensa will empower your company through campaign optimizations purely driven by data.

Goal accomplishments

With the sniper-focused goals, tactics and strategies in place, we will help your business grow to enormous heights through our marketing campaigns.

Zensa partners with growth-oriented brands

Zensa is a leading marketing company for business solutions. We partner with progressive clients. Our teams of marketing experts work with client teams to listen to their unique needs. We do the heavy lifting for our clients while carrying out a seamless execution for them

Make smart marketing plans for your businesses in digital marketing, media and business solutions with us.

Case Study: How Zensa Increased Client's Blog Referral Traffic by 50% in 1 Month Using Onsite Retargeting

Zensa has the best Growth Hacking tools to monitor the entire conversion funnel. This helps to collect competitive intelligence data, handle threats and find new opportunities.

Our team directed client’s blog traffic to the main site for utilizing the traffic. We helped them achieve their goal for increased referral traffic through onsite retargeting.

We helped them achieve a 6% CTR and an increase in their blog referral traffic by 58%.


The client’s blog wasn’t diverting enough traffic to the actual site. The main challenge was to direct a good chunk of traffic from the blog to the actual site. Readers who had already spent time on the blog were considered the warm leads.


Zensa digital marketing team increased the number of blog visitors through onsite retargeting. This helped in redirecting most visitors to the main site from the blog section.

They used Zensa popup templates for traffic diversion. The Yes button took visitors to the actual site whereas No simply closed the popup.

The readers wanted to download competitor keywords etc, so Zensa made it a question: who would like to download the competitor data and keywords and displayed them on the pop up.

The pop up was shown only when the users indicated to exit. Zensa didn’t direct cold leads but only those visitors who had spent at least 10 secs on the website. 

Zensa improved the number of impressions, referral traffic, visitors and site engagement. About a 50% increase in referral traffic was recorded in only a month by the Zensa expert marketing team. 

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