Breed a culture of belonging and foster inclusion and equity with Zensa

Diversity and inclusion are among the two most critical determinants of an organization’s success in a modern, fast-paced environment. Cultivating a culture of inclusion along with building high-performing teams is absolutely imqminent for growth in today’s competitive market.
Having a diverse corporate culture having a common purpose is radical to the success of an organization. When contributions of people from every color and race are valued, a culture of loyalty and growth breeds. Zensa believes inclusive organizations are at a better advantage to get the most out of their talent and deliver better performance in their domain than the competitors. Contact Zensa to learn more about how the challenges brought by today’s unprecedented times are better navigated with an agile and diverse workforce.
At Zensa, we pride ourselves in crafting diversified and inclusive cultures among our client’s organizations. Our vision is to cultivate a more inclusive environment for our future generations. Here’s how we help our client companies breed a culture of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.

Diversity Inclusion Strategy

Our data-driven analysis coupled with qualitative assessments of underlying policies and processes is tantamount to an organization’s growth. We start by identifying the needs and requirements of the client’s organization which gives us insights to develop action plans. We design action plans keeping in view both long and short-term goals and key performance indicators for the client organization.
We build a robust customized diversity and inclusion strategy for each of our clients. Incorporating the strategy into your business management planning enables our client organizations to shape future perspectives and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.


Zensa services come with accelerated integration tools to help maximize the team’s effectiveness while integrating diverse talent resources. This comes in handy while integrating
talent into new roles in the organization. We help the leadership work on the gaps in their approaches. Also, we perform analysis on the company’s culture to ensure successful onboarding for both the leadership and the team.


We assist our client organizations in selecting the diverse culture to be added to their systems. We help them in mapping diverse talent resources throughout recruitment procedures.


Zensa has developed proprietary models to identify necessary attributes required to progress into leadership roles of greater responsibility and enhanced complexity. We support our clients in designing succession plans that of diverse candidates. Our plans involve potential assessments, leadership development plans, and talent management systems.

Employee Experience Surveys

We embed certain changes into the client organization’s model by identifying the gaps. Zensa equips our clients with techniques like employee experience surveys to incorporate active employee listening and early change adoption strategies. We help our clients track changes, make necessary adjustments and get results.

Our partnership with established diversity and inclusion practitioners around the globe serves our clients in changing the face of corporate leadership for the better.

Our team works together on solutions related to different perspectives.

Gender Equity

We believe that a balanced workforce is critical to our success. We ensure a well-supported environment for women to empower them. Some of the highlights include

  • 6 months maternity leave
  • Special training and programs to train women for management and leadership roles.

For the Disabled

We like to include skills and insights from the entire societal spectrum to not only function as a modern business but to serve the customer base as best as we can.

We have unique programs and job training that make it possible for people with mental health issues or physical disabilities to be employed.

These programs help applicants suffering from some form of physical disability. The aim is to give them experience for strengthening their work skills and help them earn a living for themselves.

Working towards unconscious biases

We are presented with different choices every day. We conduct according to our own perspectives which are rational and fair, however, we may be unconsciously biased.

We at Zensa address such issues and work towards them to create a healthy, unbiased, equal, and diverse work environment for all.

Organizations foster better performance with diverse and inclusive talent