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Zensa is your next-generation cloud services provider to help clients manage, migrate, optimize their applications and enterprise data towards cloud architecture. Built with a mission to deliver end-to-end cloud services, operations, proven models and best tools for better robustness and scalability

The need for resilience has never been this immense before. Organizations are hunting for better and optimal ways to survive and thrive in the digital age. In order to be prepared for the future, it’s essential to reset and reinvent ways to be ahead in game. 

Cloud serves as the best place for businesses to innovate. Organizations are re-evaluating the extent to which they can multiply their business value from cloud services.

Zensa – Leading the path to disruption and innovation

Zensa is a team of dedicated engineers and DevOps architects having strong command over AWS and Azure cloud services and architecture. Our teams boost expertise in IAAS, SAAS, PAAS and other relevant service models as well.

Zensa cloud and application services will help you accelerate migration to AWS and Azure cloud with more agility and efficiency. Cloud helps your business infrastructure adapt to the ongoing changes faster. New business models could be created particularly if you are developing cloud-native apps or aiming at modernizing existing applications.

Creating better experiences for customers is the number one component for thriving your business. It requires adopting latest technologies at a fast pace and embracing a culture of change.

Driving customer’s business through the might of Cloud

We help coveted customers achieve their business goals through the following services.

Cloud consulting

Before jumping into the cloud migration, our team of experts offer cloud consulting services to gain client’s trust, make sure their investments are well accounted for, and alleviate potential pitfalls.

Refactoring the codebase

Our team of developers will refactor and improve your codebase to better integrate with cloud architecture to gain the maximum efficiency level.

Micro services

Improve your application efficiency through fine-grained microservices. Our team will enhance the overall performance of your application by transitioning to containerization and scalable components.

Seamless Cloud migration

Zensa will be your ultimate partner in seamless migration of in-house applications to cloud architecture. We will help you take an accelerated approach while maintaining the migration momentum.

24/7 Support

Our cloud services will reclaim the time needed by your business to grow your business by mitigating distractions. Our team provides 24/7 strategic cloud consulting support to make sure you are in good hands with your queries.
Cloud enablement – Discover how we help you take wing
Zensa delivering a suite of services i.e. consulting as well as techniques to boost performance by optimizing cloud infrastructure and developing effective cloud governance practices. 
Who benefits best from US
ISVs Enterprises Startup Ventures
Your success is our gain

Enhanced Business Agility

Leveraging client’s investments to securely unlock business value-driven through Microsoft Cloud

Unparalleled customer’s experience

Designing business models to deliver human-centric applications for an ultimate client experience

Reach the market swiftly

Employing approaches like Agile and DevOps to reach the target market at a fast pace.


Get ultimate security and cyber-resilience with Microsoft/Azure Cloud.

Application Security

Harness the power of the cloud to deliver innovative applications while safely unlocking the power of AWS and Azure cloud.
Case Study: Reduced downtime for business continuity and a quick disaster recovery program

About the Client

A brand performance company approached Zensa for the implementation of cloud technology as a quick disaster recovery solution. They were responsible for adding expert value at every brand performance stage from research, to product development and marketing.

Our Results

We implemented Azure Site Recovery Solution to assist them in a rapid recovery from disasters such as earthquakes, floods, power shortages etc. Our Azure Cloud solution also guaranteed reduced downtime and monetary loss in addition to ease of Usability, cost-friendliness and support for several other functions.

What was the Business need?

The disaster recovery site is important for small and medium businesses for smooth business workflow and continuity. Traditional DR site requires setting up a secondary data center. Due to the additional cost, this option is not feasible for most SMEs. 
The client required a reliable and cost friendly solution for a disaster recovery site to ensure data safety in case of an emergency.

Azure Cloud Technology Solution

Zensa being an official partner learned about the IT Infrastructure of the client to offer a DR Site using Azure Cloud Site Recovery Service.
This helped us encode the data and plan the IT Infrastructure in a Virtual network.  In case of any Disaster situation in the physical IT infrastructure, the workload would shift to the Azure environment. Once the normal situation would resume, the Azure Site Recovery would shift back to the actual physical IT system.
Zensa offered Azure Site Recovery solutions at the most cost-effective rates. SMEs could start small and scale gradually when needed. There is a one-time cost for storage and replication. Azure also included all the required setup which nullified the need to buy any extra hardware or software. Even after the second DR site was launched, it would become functional only in case of a disaster situation.  
It’s time to rethink your cloud journey with Zensa.