We offer our expertise

Our subject matter experts will customize a strategy around your business requirements, build it using the latest in technology and process, and optimize it for mobility and the cloud.

Custom Development

Our solution design is custom to your needs. Experience on-the-go access anywhere and anytime with mobile and cloud solutions. Cut down on the time you spend getting your products and services to market.

Sales Support

We will deliver a step-by-step strategy, arm your field reps and provide the continuous support that you require. Empower your team to not only up-sell, but cross sell your products and services.

Device Deployment

We will execute the final deployment of your business specific solution and devices to ensure a stable transition of your operations. Once deployed, feel secure with our system management while you discover how to scale with our solution.

Why choose Zensa?


Experience Focused Design (XFD) delivers the experiences customers want. Whether you need a system revamp, operational enhancement, or employee training, we will get your enterprise to where it needs to be and ultimately drive revenue growth.


Mobile and cloud optimized development ensures portability and scalability. Zensa works with Fortune 500 enterprises to transform business operations, discover innovation and realize optimal productivity.


Hybrid delivery models ensure the best combination of cost, quality and speed. All market landscapes require responsive processes; the Zensa delivery model will transform your business to pull ahead and stay ahead of your competition. Empower your team and satisfy your customers with quality solutions that provide fast results.

We help you scale

Industry expertise

Prepare the minds of tomorrow – today, with advanced technology and simple learning for all ages. Our education apps help teachers effectively manage classrooms, and help students really connect with the experience of learning. Is it any wonder we received the Microsoft Windows 8 App Dev Partner of the Year award for our education apps?

Want to stay ahead of the competition by providing a superior experience to your customers in the branch, on the web, or on their mobile devices? Want insights into the massive amounts of data that your systems generate, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to increase profits? We will help you design and develop solutions that not only elevate your brand in your customers eyes, but also keep their data safe while helping you comply with industry regulations.

In today’s connected world, citizens demand more from their local, state and federal government entities. Reduce costs and improve efficiency by providing a superior self service experience online and on mobile devices. Make your workers more productive by digitizing paper processes and enabling systems to effectively communicate with each other.

Want to attract and retain the best doctors and nurses by providing them superior tools? Want to improve security and compliance, while improving service levels for your patients and customers? Our apps can help do all this and more, through smart integration with cloud services and line of business systems. Let us support your procedures with dependable and responsive solutions to support an always-on-the-go medical staff.

People want to be entertained on the go, and consume media on any device. How do you enable that capability, while monetizing new trends in the industry, such as user generated content? Our solutions can help curate content, package entertainment and leverage advancements in data management to deliver high quality entertainment to your customers.

Want to reduce the cost of service delivery? We can help build a strategy for your business processes and help increase efficiency and reduce costs. We have removed the technology barriers for our customers, and can do the same or you.

Do you wish you had a single place to monitor your entire retail business? Do you want to increase your sales and conversion rates? Manage all levels of operations from the supply chain to inventory turnover with our productivity innovations. Use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) so you can get buyers to the Point of Sale (PoS) faster and more often. Our business intelligence technology can provide you with the insight you need on making smarter purchase and sale decisions.

Do you want to deliver a superior in flight experience to your passengers? Make your business the top choice for passengers all over the world, by introducing them to technology that adapts to their needs. We can help you choose the right devices, and build apps that they want to use.