Productivity Suite


Zensa understands that companies need optimized operations to Function smoothly and scale in their industry. We have apps that will help you win in your industry and pull ahead of your competitors.

Our scalable line of business applications have been helping our business partners succeed for years. Now, let our Catalogs and Forms applications do the work so that you can focus on bringing in the revenue.

Right now we are offering a limited promo period for these apps that will help you attract customers locally or across the globe, depending on your target market. Once you try out the applications and receive the full app experience, we’re confident that you will love their functionality. These apps will give you the tools that you need to work with customers to upsell and cross-sell your products.

Learn more about our business productivity applications below.

With the Catalogs app, users can

Do it yourself
Create rich product catalogs in minutes using touch
Wow your customers
Customize branding and design
Share with peers
Share across your company and with peers


With the Inventory Management app, users can

Easily add and access any type of product!
  • Simple, intuitive, customizable UI
  • Sort by stock level/name/price
  • Import and export (CSV/JSON)
  • Inventory data is cloud-based
  • Product add, edit, delete
  • Pin and print products
  • Edit users
  • Search
  • Share control
  • Custom fields
  • Offline and OneDrive support
  • Optional inventory system API
  • Windows Store Certified


With the Lead Capture app, users can

CRM companion helps users capture leads on the go!
  • Create, pin, edit, print, share lead
  • Deal size and deal stage slider
  • Offline support
  • Add/edit/delete product
  • Contact info
  • Import and export (CSV/JSON)
  • UI user customization
  • OneDrive support and share
  • Basic lead analysis, reporting and ranking
  • Sort and search leads
  • Lead image capture
  • Windows Store Certified
Lead Capture



With the Retailer Invoicing app, users can

Light, mobile POS to book sales on the fly!
  • Sale builder
  • Generate/scan UPC for Product Codes
  • Edit users
  • Offline support
  • API to readers
  • Add/edit/scan/delete product
  • Create, pin, edit, print, share, email invoice
  • UI user customization
  • Import and export data (CSV/JSON)
  • OneDrive support and share
  • Invoice searching and sorting
  • Windows Store Certified

With the Forms app, users can

Do it yourself
Create online forms in minutes using touch
Update existing
Create from existing forms or design your own
Save time and money
Save hours of work and reliance on others in minutes using touch


With the uReporter app, users can

Mobile App for citizens to submit news stories!
  • Submit Articles For Review
  • Upload Media Files
  • Configure TownNews Feed Items
  • Create Menu Categories
  • Create Categories
  • Create Administrator/SiteContent Supervisor
  • Audit Trails
  • Archive Settings
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Review/Publish/Delete Articles
  • Publish News
  • Mark as Trusted User
  • Download MediaFiles
  • Geo-Location tagging
  • Submit likes/dislikes articles
  • Native app for UWP, Android phone, and iPhone
  • Deployed on Azure Server