Surveyor App

Surveyor App

Business Overview

The Surveyor App is designed for insurance companies and the employees who work with insurance claims. The app provides claims adjusters with various claim forms to conduct their work onsite or offsite.


The Surveyor App provides field workers to survey claim information from the field and report information back to a home office or similar facility.

Target Customer

White-label product available for manufacturing, survey companies, banking, financial services and insurance


  • Surveyor dashboard organizes information into user-friendly features such as:
    • Most recent and pending claims
    • Appointment details
    • Image uploading
    • Online sync
    • Manage administrative permissions


“As Israel’s leading entertainment & brand, mako needed a breakthrough Windows 8 app and Zensa delivered!” – CEO Ori Rosen


  • Windows 8 (Windows 10??)
  • XAML, JavaScript
  • Azure-based web
  • Web services
  • Can be scaled for native Android and iOS
  • Can be created as hybrid app in Xamerin platform

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