Business Overview

Socrata was founded in February 2007. A lot of big cities have to provide certain government data that they collect to share it with the public. Socrata helps companies present the data to consumers in a functional and usable way through a series of web services to upload content to. They needed Zensa expertise in order to develop their web services on a Windows platform app.


Zensa provided a Windows 8 and Windows Phone app that could be used to showcase their back end technology and that technology enabled the public to pull-up data about the specific city they needed information about.


The two apps help Socrata provide the public a way to use that data on the Microsoft platform. They needed an app that showcased their web services and how a user would use it on the Windows Phone and Windows.


“Our customers needed a way to visualize and act on city data and Zensa helped us deliver innovative and scalable Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps” – Ben McInnis, Director Product Management, Socrata


  • Windows 8.1 (C#/XAML)
  • Touch
  • WCF
  • Bing Maps/Geolocation GPS maps

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