NHPC Attendance App

NHPC Attendance App

Business Overview

The NHPC app is a mobile, Wi-Fi-based attendance app designed for corporate organizations, banking, financial services and insurance, and retail organizations. It is used to mark /track attendance for employees within that organization.


The NHPC app, replacing the outdated manual time card, captures and manages an employee’s log-in and log-out activity in a virtual time-card environment. The design prevents, curtails, false attendance reports entered by the employee.


App easily and effectively tracks and records an employee’s attendance
Wi-Fi-based system captures and records all employee attendance records
App interface captures all log-ins and log-outs entered by employee, for all breaks and time worked
Biometric application facilitates effective time management practices and strategies
Authorized corporate officers have complete control over security, privacy, and access
set up implement and control access set up


“As Israel’s leading entertainment & brand, mako needed a breakthrough Windows 8 app and Zensa delivered!” – CEO Ori Rosen


  • Windows 8.1 (C#/XAML)
  • Touch
  • WCF

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