MBD Classroom App

MBD Classroom App

Business Overview

The MBD Classroom App is designed to bring teachers and students together through the use of modern technology—to create live class sessions and to promote interactivity between teacher and student. The goal is to make learning interactive, personalized, and fun!


The MBD Classroom App offers “smart” courses that include the use of videos, tests, personalized assessments, and adaptive learning.

Target Customer

White-label product available for educational institutions, training centers.


  • Product designed to assess a student’s knowledge of course content through a series of adaptive questions
  • Traditional educational models, such as class and grade structure, serve as basis for learning modules
  •  Features include:
    • Videos, multimedia-based tests, labs, and tutorials;
    • Integrated digital courses, eLearning-based content
    • Tests and assignments, interactive labs and projects
    • Student note-taking capabilities
    • Easily create bookmarks


“As Israel’s leading entertainment & brand, mako needed a breakthrough Windows 8 app and Zensa delivered!” – CEO Ori Rosen


  • Windows 8
  • XAML, JavaScript
  • Web services
  • Can be scaled for Android and iOS devices

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