Business Overview

Mako is the fastest growing news and entertainment site in Israel, ranking third among all Israeli websites with more than 2 million unique monthly users. Mako dominates the app world in Israel, but had problems downloading large data, displaying lots of files in the app and maintaining privacy around their pdfs.


Zensa delivered the following capabilities:

  • Background downloader in order to easily display the progress of each download
  • A file system query to solve the inability to display lots of files from a local device to the app in less time
  • Generated pdf thumbnails and then hid those in the app for security reasons


Enhanced Productivity: The application was designed so that the content can be reached from the central news dispatcher, requiring no extra effort to feed the app with content on a regular basis.


  • Windows 8.1 (C#/XAML)
  • Touch
  • WCF

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