Business Overview

With more than a 1,000 employees, Lumenis is a global leader in the medical supply industry. The company had purchased an iPad-based solution for its sales force but was experiencing integration issues with other departments using Windows-based PCs in the offices. Even after a purchase of 400 iPad devices for their global sales staff, Zensa convinced Lumenis to switch and developed both server and client side on Windows 8.1.


Zensa demonstrated the benefits of a unified Windows 8 solution, including a Windows 8 sales and marketing application that also filled several gaps in the existing iOS application.


  • Decreased maintenance costs – by moving to one versus two separate platforms
  • No application licensing or maintenance fees – all app maintenance can be done in-house (vs. 3rd party maintenance with the iOS app)
  • Increased productivity – unlike the iPad app, the Windows 8.1 app could be customized with categories such as business unit, region and product.

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