Hospital Feedback App

Hospital Feedback App

Business Overview

The Hospital Feedback App makes it easy for patients to provide feedback concerning their hospital or clinical visit.


App designed for patients, parents, and visitors and others to provide instant feedback their visit, including feedback about the general conditions of the particular facility.

Target Customer

White-label product available for health and hospitality organizations, retail businesses, banking, financial services and insurance.


  • Feedback questionnaires are specific to the department and/ or facility
  • Options for rating the facility, multiple-choice questions, additional comments and suggestions
  • Secure delivery of data feedback


“As Israel’s leading entertainment & brand, mako needed a breakthrough Windows 8 app and Zensa delivered!” – CEO Ori Rosen


  • Windows 8
  • XAML, JavaScript
  • Azure-based web
  • Web services
  • Can be scaled for Android and iOS devices
  • Can be created as hybrid app in Xamerin platform

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