Business Overview

  • Allows anyone with uReporter to create and submit newsworthy content—text, pictures, audio, and video—to the media publishers from their mobile devices at any time
  • Application manages the backend approval of reports, acknowledgements, publishing, and archiving
  • Utilizes the robustness of Microsoft Azure, trusted and familiar technology to many


Citizen reporters can create and submit, using their mobile devices, news story text, images, video, and even recorded audio about a newsworthy topic. Citizen reporters use an application interface, News uReport, to capture the news content. After the reporter submits captured content, they receive an acknowledgement. All submitted content goes into a dashboard where a news editor then reviews it; the geo-location of the reporter is also posted with the content. If the content is approved, the user who submitted the content receives a notification, and the content is then moved into a content management system for publishing to the newspapers application in real-time, along with other news.

The uReporter application contains news feeds from any publisher’s local newspaper brands, and also contains a forum showing timely issues, news, and events submitted from citizen reporters using their mobile devices.

The publisher’s audience members will see the citizen-reported news stories appear in a news app along with news stories from feeds for that brand. News stories in the uReports section of the app that viewers “like” with the most interest then become trending news stories, and those stories move up on the list.

The application showcases news stories for the day and categorizes these stories by topic, such as sports, community, politics, etc. Users can sort stories based on category. With one click on a news title, a user can drill down to a detailed view of the story.

Target Customer

The uReporter application is offered now for various media and publishing houses to make available to their audience, the viewers.


  • Enables users to report newsworthy content, pictures, and video from anywhere, at any time
  • Options include uploading video, audio, and text reports
  • App manages backend approval of reports submitted, acknowledgement of submission
  • Archive or delete old reports
  • Utilizes secure, trusted user concept


“This is an exciting evolution for our industry,” said Mike Gugliotto, CEO of the Pioneer News Group. “It further advances the ability for our community to interact and engage with us as they prefer. For those who have been waiting for a reason to get a tablet for their home, we can now provide a device as part of an affordable, familiar subscription format.”


  • Cloud – Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Native application for Windows phone, Android phone, and iPhone

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