Business Overview

Flydubai is one of Dubai’s largest domestic airlines, operating routes to more than 65 destinations across the Middle East, Subcontinent, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe. The challenge that flydubai presented to Zensa.

  • Custom hardware drivers not included in current system
  • No consistent technology platform for all operations
  • Poor check-in process for passengers without luggage
  • Slow and inefficient use of cloud computing
  • Multiple complex wireless technologies


The final app led to better time management and increased satisfaction:

  • Flydubai adopts Windows 8 for all check-in operations
  • Lines are busted! Cut down passenger check-in time and improves customer service and satisfaction
  • Customers without luggage are being processed faster
  • Employees with mobile Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets (8″) can securely scan legal documents and print boarding passes in line, away from the front desk
  • Allows passengers in line to select check-in changes, upgrades, new seats, etc.


The flydubai Line-Buster application demonstrates the power of Windows 8. With more than 3,000 Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets in 2013, the number is expected to grow to 20,000 deployed devices within 3 years with up to 4,000 employees utilizing this Line-Buster app. With a growing fleet of up to 136 planes there is a potential reach to over 22,000 customers if each flight has one flight path each day.


Corbett Hoxland, SOLUTION SPEC INCUB, SMSG Surface Commercial Dubai, explains that the Microsoft team is very pleased with this application – “this application – the first of its kind in Middle East will further consolidate Microsoft’s position in the airline industry as the leading player in the area of providing comprehensive solutions across devices and apps as a mobile solution.”


  • Windows 8 (C#/XAML)
  • Touch
  • WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Web Services
  • Office 365 Integration
  • SharePoint Integration

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