Citizen Journalism App

Citizen Journalism App

Business Overview

The Citizen Journalism app is an open platform that allows users to report and share news and events from their mobile devices in real time.


User creates short news reports on a mobile device, telling news stories through the use of pictures and words.

Target Customer

White-label product available for various media and publishing houses.


  • Enables users to report newsworthy content, pictures, and video from anywhere, at any time
  • Options include uploading video, audio, and text reports
  • App manages backend approval of reports submitted, acknowledgement of submission
  • Archive or delete old reports
  • Utilizes secure, trusted user concept


“As Israel’s leading entertainment & brand, mako needed a breakthrough Windows 8 app and Zensa delivered!” – CEO Ori Rosen


  • Native app for Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone
  • Cloud—Windows Azure

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