Zensa Helps BMR Advisors Deliver A World-Class HR Portal On The Office Platforms

Business Overview

BMR appointed Zensa to help them streamline their HR operations by developing an HR Portal on the Windows 8 platform. BMR was previously considering an Open Source solution that could be rendered on iPad and Android tablets, but after contact with Zensa they changed their mind and decided to move ahead with the Windows 8 plan to leverage their existing Windows and Office infrastructure.


The BMR HR Portal application consists of 3 different products:

  • Performance Appraisal System: This system is designed to cater to the appraisal process, developed for employees, supervisors and business partners. It handles the self-rating and management rating along with reports and review of one’s performance over the previous years. Even in the offline mode, the user can accept user input and sync in all the data on Office 365 once the user gets online.
  • Recruitment System: This system helps internal recruiters keep track of all the resumes and job applicants and the posts are made available publicly on the company’s website which runs on SharePoint online.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey: A feedback system designed for employees within the organization. Users can login on the basis of his/her designation and fill out the feedback forms on a scale of 1-4.


This application serves 400 users within the organization. Already, the app has generated other significant business benefits:

  • Productivity: A performance appraisal previously took 3 months to manually input and now takes 3 weeks. The result, quicker appraisals and higher employee satisfaction.
  • Cost savings: The company no longer requires the services of an outside agency. This has saved the company over $100,000 in expenses.


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