Intelligent sourcing

Our international recruiting team extends across North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Whether you are looking for contingent or full-time staff members, we will identify the top candidates for you in as little as 72 hours. We support all project and contingent employees with a comprehensive package of health and retirement benefits. We also offer visa and immigration services to help expedite recruitment of international candidates.


Over 250 candidates placed in vendor and FTE positions.


Provide qualified candidates in 72 hours or less.


Nearly 100% of all niche positions sourced get fulfilled by us.

“Posh has a unique ability to provide exemplary service to their clients. The team is very responsive and hard working. Posh has filled some of top talents in my team. I regard them as a critical partner to help us to deliver innovative products to the market.”


We Enable Business

We align to our client’s strategic priorities and understand where their competencies are through a Need-Gap assessment. We then provide them with talent that bridges that gap.

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We Empower Talent

We maintain an up-to-date talent database and conduct a skills assessment to identify the areas that the candidates would be most successful in. Then, we find the right opportunities in order to build careers.

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