Forms App

Business forms made easy!




The Forms app empowers Windows 8 users to instantly deploy business forms, surveys and checklists to a mobile workforce and in real-time. Now you have the power to create professional forms with a simple touch without relying on expensive designers and software engineers.

Fastest Form Creation

  • Instantly create forms, surveys, checklists
  • Pick custom fields, checkboxes, logos and more
  • Design forms your way without the added cost
  • Import or customize Word or Excel forms

Real-Time Backup

  • Automatically sync with OneDrive
  • Access any form at anytime from the app
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Automated backup means peace of mind

Share With Anyone

  • Share the forms with peers or clients anywhere
  • Share finished forms with anyone, fast
  • Access forms created by others
  • Gain speed to market at a lesser cost and time

What can the Forms app do for you?

Relationship managers are in meetings 24/7. So listening and note taking are necessary skills to understand their clients’ needs and keep them happy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to separate the important details for each client at the end of the day. We can solve that! In any industry, sales professionals can quickly create a lead management form, in order to capture lead information that can then be automated within a CRM workflow.

Managing workers and machines in any factory, big or small, is no easy task, but it’s essential to keep track of devices and documents. Nobody wants to carry around a stack of documents all day and anticipating exactly which forms you’ll need before the day starts is next to impossible. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. Shop workers can use Forms on their companion devices to fill out status reports, system checks, qualify inspections, etc. This ensures adherence to processes and provides automated quality assurance. Keeping everything in once place for easy access virtually eliminates the chance of error with real-time form creation and completion.

Restocking is a daily necessity in the retail industry. Money is made by tracking the comings and goings of products and their shelf life. Retail workers can use the Forms app to fill out important forms regarding inventory levels, service levels, etc. rather than taking notes and filling out the forms later. It saves both time and money.

Paper, paper, paper. Healthcare professionals are surrounded by paper all day long. Entering that information into a digital system is an entirely different and time consuming task. With the Forms app, you can reduce the daunting stack of documents and the time wasted transferring patient information. Don’t worry about human input error, confidentiality issues, or lost forms when they are securely saved to the cloud. Discover what Forms can do for your day, no matter what your job description is in the healthcare industry.

You get an urgent call from a customer saying that she got in an accident. She is distraught and asks what she needs to do for her insurance to cover it. You tell her to wait 5 minutes while you create her form. You’re able to send the form instantly, populated with general content to save her time. She simply adds all of the accident information and one last tap sends the form back to you. The Forms app allowed you to get your job done faster. Thanks to the excellent service, she recommends your insurance agency to her friends and family.