Catalogs App

Build and share stunning product catalogs in minutes!



The Catalogs app helps anyone with a Windows 8 tablet create and publish their own catalogs with full control over the design, content and distribution. Start from scratch or use a design template, you can build a stunning catalog for any kind of products and service.

Easy Catalog Creation

  • Upload product images, PDFs, Word docs
  • Add descriptions and notes to products
  • Create beautiful hero images, wow customers
  • Designate catalogs in product categories

Real-Time Backup

  • Built-in sync with OneDrive to save your work
  • Access catalogs at anytime from the app
  • Enjoy a safe and secure environment
  • Automated backup means peace of mind

Share With Anyone

  • Share catalogs with peers anywhere
  • View shared catalogs right from the app
  • Access catalogs created and shared by others
  • Gain speed to market at a lesser cost and time

What can the Catalogs App do for you?

Travelers are rarely 100% prepared for their trips and usually their day becomes a chaotic rush to their final destination. Eating is the last thing on their minds. Here’s where you can use a built-in catalog located on the back of every passenger seat. The fully equipped Catalogs app allows passengers to choose from multiple meal, snack and beverage options to satisfy their steadily mounting hunger. Once they decide, all they need to do is swipe their card next to the screen to complete their transaction. An effortless sell and easy revenue for airlines.

You own an electronics store, and your customer visits your store in search of a basic pair of speakers for his man cave. While he is browsing the basic speakers, you explore the catalog with him and he becomes fixated on a set of Bose speakers that he simply must try out in store. Thanks to your prepared catalogs, you are able to upsell this customer from $400 speakers to a $1,300 home theater system. With the catalogs app the customer’s imagination translates directly to your bottom line.

You’re an interior products representative known for quality flooring, but you also provide all other products necessary to build or remodel rooms. One of your key challenges is to persuade your customer to remodel the rest of a room along with the stone tile that they are already purchasing from you. Since you started using the Catalogs app with your customers your sales have increased because they’re able to browse through hundreds of images and options to make their dream room appear in front of their eyes. The app has increased sales 30% in the first three months thanks to upselling and cross-selling opportunities and closures.

Your client’s dream home is a vision in their head that can be difficult, if not impossible, to explain to you. The Catalogs app can help you eliminate this communication obstacle by showing your clientsmany options in their ideal neighborhood that could all qualify as their dream home. This visual aide will save you time on house hunting and let you move on to new clients.