Three tips for working as a team on a big project

Three tips for working as a team on a big project

Let’s talk about teamwork. Let’s talk about intense, cross-functional, hectic, late-night-pizza-ordering, enough-hours-to-count-a-double-shift-every-day-for-a-week-straight, million dollar project teamwork.

A team at Posh just worked on a potential million-dollar bid for one of our largest customers to help them increase engagement with their community. We only had two weeks to do it, and the final few days were chaotic to say the least. Below is what we found worked for our team in completing an exceptional bid.

1. Edit your own work.
Even if there is a person dedicated to editing and formatting the team’s work, you should still thoroughly edit your own work before submitting it. If some parts aren’t clear, your editor may not understand your meaning and could edit something incorrectly. The few minutes it takes you to review your work will save the editor time when he or she patches together the entire piece.

2. Respect internal deadlines.
Official deadlines are very serious. They exist for a reason, usually because if you don’t meet them, you lose money. Internal deadlines, set by your manager to ensure that the project stays on track, should be taken just as seriously. Your manager should set and strictly enforce internal deadlines right away to mitigate bottlenecks and stress, but also to set a precedent that these deadlines should be respected in the future.

3. Delegate clearly, but be flexible.
Raise your hand if you’ve been on a team where a simple task was assigned casually to the entire group rather than a specific person and the task never got done. This is common, and nobody’s really at fault except…everybody. As a manager, delegate the task to a specific person instead. As an employee, be willing to jump on that task. But take a look around and see if the delegation is working. Does that person have the right skill set for the task? Does that person have room on their plate?

4. (Bonus) Feed your soldiers.
This is a given, but be careful…Can Am Tandori pizza is spicier than their spicy buffalo wings. Seriously. Someone on the team actually had to go home because of it.

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