Stand Out With Posh

Stand Out With Posh

Want to be a part of an awesome Internship in the booming tech industry? Posh is looking for talented individuals with the drive to succeed and exude their energy on to their team members. Sound like someone you know? We want you to join our Redmond team!

What will you get in return as a Posh intern? You have the chance to be mentored by some of the top people in our industry. Vishal Misri, previously a Microsoft employee, is the founder and CEO of a company that has made huge strides in just four years as a leader at Posh.

We know that networking is a high priority for interns in finding their career path. Network with our management and our clients/partners to learn what path is right for you. Some of our key customers and partners include: Microsoft, Amazon, Levis, Gap, Nike and Dish TV to name a few. We want to utilize your abilities and help guide you in your journey.

So what does Posh do?

Posh is a mobile transformation company with an emphasis on cloud and mobility – developing Line of Business (LOB) applications, which are apps that support key business processes in an organization in order to enhance productivity, communication, customer engagement, revenue, etc., across multiple mobile platforms.

Posh was recently recognized by Kevin Turner COO of Microsoft as the best worldwide Partner of the Year 2013 for developing innovative Windows 8 LOB applications. Additionally, we were recently presented a Communicator Award as the 2014 Mobile Distinction Winner.

We work with some of the world’s leading organizations in five countries where we have local offices.

Are you ready to begin the Best Internship Ever!? Contact Posh today at

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