How to keep your 2015 New Year’s Resolution

How to keep your 2015 New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again.

The gyms are full to bursting, the aisles of Whole Foods are packed, and professional development workshops are standing room only. It’s the New Year, and people want to improve their lives with New Year’s resolutions.

We all know that come February, most everyone has given up. But not Posh…not this year! We’ve got actionable goals around here, so here are a few tips from the team on how to stick to yours.

Tell your friends
And your mother, your coworkers, your kids, your Uber driver and your barista, because they’ll hold you accountable. Or at least they’ll guilt you for breaking your resolution, even if it’s with a judgmental sidelong glance. The more people who know you’ve decided to go dairy-free, the more often you’ll be embarrassed to be caught sneaking shredded cheese straight from the bag.

Pick one
Are you going to start working out, call your mom every week, learn Ruby on Rails, and try to reach 1,500 LinkedIn connections? No you aren’t. Trying to improve your whole life at once is unrealistic. If you’re feeling ambitious, consider making one personal and one professional resolution.

Don’t call it a new year’s resolution
The phrase is loaded with predetermined failure. It’s 2014 2015 and we’ve all had enough experience and read enough LinkedIn listicles to know it’s unlikely we’ll keep our “new year’s resolutions.” Try telling yourself it’s your plan, your goal, your 2015 strategy, or the new you.


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