Cubicle Jungle? ….We say no thank you!

Moles. Creepy little things; those animals that dig tunnels in the ground and look like large rats? The most pop culture friendly reference to them is the “Whack a Mole” game that portrays their signature pop-out-of-the-ground nature. Many of the cubicle jungles in the corporate world have been compared to these moles and their homes. The understanding is that the employees in these cubicles work really hard like the moles do in their solitary living status, only making contact with others in dire situations (moles only associate with other moles for reproduction purposes). But, how efficient is this system? What are the benefits?

Well, at Posh we do not necessarily see the benefits of slaving away at an isolated, closed off office space. Come to think of it, CNN agrees with us. The recently published article, CNN 10: Better by Design points out the benefits of having open office spaces and constantly collaborating employees. These office space concepts with shared desks and thoughts are redefining the age-old office infrastructure. Switching from a cubicle culture to an open atmosphere has enabled better collaboration, creativity and just a better overall sense of community amongst the employees.

Posh has seen this type of camaraderie develop amongst a group of our youngest employees who have decided to ditch the desk and work in a conference room together. Such rebels; but not really. The results: surprisingly increased productivity, heightened transparency amongst employees on issues, which in the end lowered the turnaround time in tackling these challenges and an overall enthusiastic vibe has been spreading across the office.

We are looking forward to promoting this kind of office structure to the rest of Posh’s locations around the world to gain similar results across the globe.

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